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Dušan Uzelac

Dušan Uzelac


I’m the person with a vision and leadership skills to make those visions a reality. If you’re in doubt about your finances, you came to the right place.

For years I’ve been studying cashflows, observing people’s habits and behaviors, and I couldn’t help it but creating services and products to help people learn about finances and business planning. I like to think because that need is stronger than me. Finance finances found me, I didn't look for them.

I founded Kamatica.com many years ago as a specialized online service that covers the areas of finance, banking, economics, and business. It is the right address for everyone who makes quality financial and business decisions.

Our mission is to:
- we promote financial responsibility in money management
- we inform visitors about important economic events
- we educate and help users in making important financial decisions

In the meantime, I continued observing, watching ad innovating, soI founded BizPlaner with a goal to enhance the decision-making process and reduce administrative work. We designed a tool to enable planning, monitoring, running and steering daily and strategic operations, analyze data, and present them in a clear and concise format.

I’m here to help you grow and scale your personal finances and your business faster. The word "failure" does not exist in my vocabulary, I see everything only as a result that leads to something.