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Andreja Kojadinovic

1447 xp

Frontend 03 , Online

The web-world is a world in which I feel comfortable. Although as of right now, my profession is of a lawyer, I entered the web-world professionally three years ago. The spectrum of work was very broad. Beginning with simple tasks such as data entry into a database, all the way to becoming a Database Team Lead where I was responsible for managing seven members within a team. I can say for myself that I am very persistent and dedicated to the projects that I work on, as well as to my organizations activities. I am very team-oriented and ready for further training and learning so that I can improve and develop as an individual.

I’m an extremely friendly and open-minded person, who loves to communicate with other people and joke around when appropriate to create a positive atmosphere.

In the last few months, I decided to make changes and start learning the basics of programming that I hadn’t known before. Today, I look back on this after two-months spent in the Krojaceva Skola as well as independent work, this was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Feel free to view my works on GitHub.

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“Currently open for new positions.“

Učionica {

  • HTML učionica
  • CSS učionica
  • Responsive design učionica
  • SASS učionica
  • JavaScript učionica
  • AJAX učionica
  • jQuery učionica
  • Git i Github učionica
  • Rad sa klijentom - Frontend

Online {

  • Atom text-editor
  • Domen, hosting, cPanel
  • Praktični rad (Frontend developer)
  • CSS Flexbox
  • Bootstrap 4

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