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Emil Bisak

1876 xp

Frontend 02 , Online

If you are looking for high quality Front End Developer who can convert your PSDs, Sketches and Mockflows into high quality product with clean, fully functional and maintainable code, then I am right person for you! Also, I can work on projects from scratch, develop new features, debug, and create Single Page Applications in React.js.

IT Skills:
React.js | JavaScript (ES5, ES6) | OOP | Git | Bootstrap | jQuery | AJAX | JSON | SASS | CSS3 | HTML5 | npm

Some of my work:

Personal website:

Trenutno radim...

“Unimaze Software“

Učionica {

  • HTML učionica
  • CSS učionica
  • Responsive design učionica
  • SASS učionica
  • JavaScript učionica
  • AJAX učionica
  • jQuery učionica
  • Git i Github učionica
  • Rad sa klijentom - Frontend

Online {

  • Atom text-editor
  • Domen, hosting, cPanel
  • Praktični rad (Frontend developer)

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