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Marija Ivković

Web 29 , Online

Our ideas begin with the belief that for good design, everything must have a purpose. When everything has a purpose, design is useful, beneficial and aids understanding. Good design comes from a unity of purpose that’s visible when the client’s message, the product and the presentation are all interrelated.

Our design process starts with detailed planning. This helps create economy of design, an economy that’s not wasteful, respects our client’s investment of time and money and is built to last. We strive for communication that is clear, simple and centered on the message.

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“Misty Blue is founded in 2015, by graphic designer Marija Ivkovic.
Misty Blue is a global brand and design studio with office in Belgrade, Serbia.“

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  • Uvod u web
  • Teorija (web) dizajna
  • Fireworks
  • PhpStorm
  • CSS učionica
  • Responsive design učionica
  • Rad na ličnom sajtu
  • JavaScript za web dizajnere
  • Uvod u PHP programiranje
  • Rad sa klijentom
  • Rad na Mac računarima
  • HTML učionica

Online {

  • Web dizajn


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