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Stefan Milivojević

2740 xp

Web 31, WP 08, Java Script 01 , Online

JavaScript developer at TNation

JavaScript developer living in Belgrade, Serbia since 2006. Recent career switcher who turned his hobby into a full-time job. French bilingual who lived fifteen years in Nice, France. Holder of a Masters degree in Economics.

Eager to learn more and improve my skills every day by working on challenging projects.

Good knowledge of HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, responsive and mobile-first development. Experience with SASS, RESTful services, AngularJS, VueJS, testing and debugging activities. Everyday use of jQuery, GIT, ES6 and object-oriented JS.

Basic knowledge of PHP (both procedural and object-oriented), Node, MySql and MongoDB.

Hard worker, socially skilled, effective, reliable and highly motivated.

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“JavaScript developer at TNation.

Member of a larger team of developers. Involved in maintaining, testing and debugging existing applications as well as developing new ones. Everyday use of jQuery, REST APIs, object-oriented JavaScript, ES6, Git.“

Učionica {

  • Uvod u web
  • Teorija (web) dizajna
  • Fireworks
  • PhpStorm
  • CSS učionica
  • Responsive design učionica
  • Rad na ličnom sajtu
  • JavaScript za web dizajnere
  • Uvod u PHP programiranje
  • Rad sa klijentom
  • WordPress
  • Teorija programskih jezika
  • AngularJS učionica
  • Serveri (node) učionica
  • Node.JS učionica
  • MongoDB učionica
  • JavaScript objektno progamiranje
  • Bezbednost (JS form validacija)
  • MVC učionica
  • Git i Github učionica
  • HTML učionica
  • JavaScript učionica
  • AJAX učionica
  • jQuery učionica
  • SASS učionica
  • PHP i JavaScript učionica
  • MySQL učionica
  • Serveri (DigitalOcean)
  • Full-stack praktičan rad

Online {

  • Web dizajn
  • Atom text-editor

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