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Stefan Tomić

2790 xp

WP 04, Web 22 , Online

UX/UI Designer at FishingBooker. 5-years experience in web-based businesses, customer-oriented web design that gets you the results you want.

Worked with 6-figure content marketing publishers, copywriters and regular brick and mortar businesses that wanted a powerful web presence.

I'm reliable, easy to work with, and aim to delight clients with my work. That's why all of my clients are repeat customers.

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“UX/UI Designer at FishingBooker.“

Učionica {

  • Uvod u web
  • Teorija (web) dizajna
  • Fireworks
  • PhpStorm
  • CSS učionica
  • Responsive design učionica
  • Rad na ličnom sajtu
  • JavaScript za web dizajnere
  • Uvod u PHP programiranje
  • Rad sa klijentom
  • WordPress
  • Rad na Mac računarima
  • HTML učionica

Online {

  • Web dizajn

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