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Tamara Dinic

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I started working as a musician and soon became one of the leading female underground vocals in Serbia. I performed in every major music festival in the country and region (EXIT, Wiener Festwochen, Electrocity). In 2008 I moved to Austria, where I continued working as an independent artist and a DJ. I collaborated with many artists from different fields of art. My work was published for the Kernkrach, Cold Trinity, Nauk and exhibited in 21er Haus, Museum of Belvedere, Parallel Vienna, Athens Art Fair. I made music for Vogue, L' Officiel campaigns, and other fashion videos.
In 2018 I moved to Asia, where I changed my focus on primary education. My vast working experience helped me to create higher standards when it comes to any job. I am strongly motivated and always want to see the results. I hold a MA in Slavic Languages and Literature, and English language. Women's Studies graduated. Trinity CERT TESOL certificated Helen Doron teaching license. I want to work as much on children's education, especially with the young female population from the poorer areas. Open for the new teaching and humanitarian worker positions.

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